The Governor of Veneto said that immediately would cancel anti-Russian sanctions

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Startupposition Veneto Luca, JiaThe Governor of Veneto said that immediately would cancel anti-Russian sanctions© RIA Novosti / Sergey Startsev

Italian politician Luca, ZAIA, head of the Veneto region, where the people in a referendum October 22, voted for autonomy of the Northern region, said that would be willing to cancel anti-Russian sanctions immediately.

«If I could do it, I would have canceled sanctions against Russia today,» said Monday the President of the Veneto in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Stressing the absurd and pernicious nature of the EU sanctions, Jia noted that, in his opinion, these restrictive measures directed not only against Russia but also against Veneto.

«Of course, I primarily think about our region, about the many thousands of the inhabitants of Veneto, which, in particular, are employed in the agricultural and agro-food sectors and maintain business relationships with your country. These sanctions cost us very expensive — about one billion euros,» he said.

Jaya, noted the desire of the authorities of the Veneto region to develop relations with Russian regions, evidence of which was the signing in June of the agreement on friendship and cooperation with the Voronezh region. He, in particular, recalled how, during a visit to one of the international fairs in Moscow was astonished to hear that in many of the pavilions sounds of the Venetian dialect.

«Russia, Russian in Veneto we have always considered our friends. When we receive authority, we will naturally expand their international connections and, of course, will then open to new opportunities», — said the head region.

Speaking about the importance of Sunday’s referendum on autonomy Veneto, Jia called the results historic.

«It’s a beautiful and vibrant result. We are talking about more than two million citizens who came to vote, to send a clear signal. They made clear that constitutional provisions should be applied, and that autonomy should be granted to the Veneto. This is exactly what we want,» said the President.

«The fact that more than two million people, despite the bad weather and rain, went to vote, and in front of polling stations lined the real line, all this clearly shows how important and meaningful this referendum,» he said.

According to Zia, now the regional authorities intend to immediately undertake the approval of the «contract», which will be the basis for negotiations that Veneto will soon propose to lead Rome.

«This document is ready for a long time, we worked on it over the last year. So the «contract» prepared and now we are going to demand from Rome the authorization for all 23 items prescribed in articles 116 and 117 of the Constitution (referring to the competence of the regional authorities — ed.) and the tax problem,» — said the source RIA Novosti. He also noted that the authorities of the Veneto intend to seek from the centre right to retain 90% of the collected tax.

Answering the question of what the reaction to their initiative in Venice waiting for the Central government of Italy, Jia said, «We are not going to declare war on Rome. If they have respect for people, the response is good, and they approve our proposal. If respect for people is missing, they will try to apply the tactics of «wall to wall», but we are ready. We will not step back one millimeter.»

Jia also noted that the historic success of the referendum in Veneto will begin serious political reforms, the need for which in Italy is long overdue.

During the meeting on 22 October a regional referendum the vast majority of Veneto voted in favor of the autonomy of this Northern Italian region. According to regional election Committee, for this decision voted more than 98 per cent of those who participated in the voting. All in all, a referendum voted over 57 percent of the local voters.

A referendum on the autonomy of the Veneto was held last Sunday at the same time with a similar vote in neighbouring Lombardy. In the history of the Italian Republic similar consultations with the communities were held for the first time. Both the referendum are Advisory and not formally entail binding legal effects.

In accordance with article 116 of the Italian Constitution, five regions — Sicily, Sardinia, and the Northern border of Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Valle d’aosta have «special forms and conditions of autonomy according to special statutes approved by constitutional laws.»

It is this special status of the claim now Lombardy and Veneto. It is noteworthy that these regions are included in the four main Italian regions, which are transferred to the state budget of Italy more funding than they receive then from the center in the form of subventions.

The Governor of Veneto said that immediately would cancel anti-Russian sanctions© RIA Novosti, Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures