Speccode for lifting Mi-8 will arrive on Svalbard on Thursday

© Photo : MOE RussianAcademy of EMERCOM of Russia with the help of the Falcon survey fell into the sea of the helicopter Mi-8 in Norway. 30 Oct 2017Speccode for lifting Mi-8 will arrive on Svalbard on Thursday© Photo : Russian emergencies Ministry

The rise of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter from the bottom of the Barents sea is scheduled to begin on Thursday after the arrival of the heavy-duty ship under the control of the Russian experts, according to the Norwegian state Commission for the investigation of accidents in the transport on its website.

«It is expected that the ship Maersk Forza with the necessary remote equipment and a crane will arrive on Svalbard (the Norwegian name of Svalbard), Thursday 2 November,» reports the Commission. It is noted that the operation will begin immediately after the ship arrives at the emergency.

In the lifting operation will involve Russian experts, including from the company that owns the helicopter, and divers of the Russian emergencies Ministry. «They will assist to make sure that at the bottom there will be parts of the helicopter», — explained in the Commission and added that the raised parts of the helicopter will be delivered to the mainland for research.

The investigation team began collecting information based on interviews, records of negotiations and documentation. As for the possible versions of the crash, the experts of the investigation Commission consider the reasons associated with weather conditions during the crash, the technical condition of the helicopter and qualifications and flight experience of the pilots.

On Thursday afternoon a Russian helicopter of airline «Konvers Avia», on Board of which were eight people, disappeared off the coast of the Spitsbergen archipelago. The area likely crash began to survey from the air, shore and water. In the night of Sunday to Svalbard arrived Russian rescuers. Sunday morning rescue service Northern Norway reported the discovery of wreckage at a depth of 209 metres. Monday evening was found the body of the deceased at a distance of 130 meters from the helicopter.

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