Attacked by a tiger at Kaliningrad zoo a woman is on the mend

© Photo : tiger topurchase Kaliningrad Kaliningrad zoo. Archive photoAttacked by a tiger at Kaliningrad zoo a woman is on the mend© Photo : Kaliningrad zoo

Livestock Kaliningrad zoo, attacked by tiger, is on the mend and preparing to leave the hospital, told reporters in the administration of the Kaliningrad zoo.

Animal science on November 5, attacked 16-year-old Amur tiger named Typhoon. The animal was released in the outdoor aviary, where there was a woman. Visitors with shouts, stones and improvised distracted the beast, at this time livestock specialist managed to disappear in the inner room. The woman was hospitalized with multiple injuries. An internal inquiry showed that the incident occurred due to safety violations.

«Our colleague, in spite of all the past, turned out to be a real fighter: speed her recovery surprised even the doctors. Talking about the extract. Subsequent rehabilitation will take about two months. The patient herself in good spirits, good appetite, reads Newspapers, magazines, and our social networks. Was incredibly touched by the wishes and good words», — told in the zoo.

The administration of the zoo has organized an internal investigation into the attack of the animal per employee interviewed employees and visitors who were on the scene of the incident, obtained phone records from personal and business mobile phones. It turned out that livestock is not closed tight damper (damper), which blocks the access of the animal from the interior to the street, so the tiger was in the same area with a person.

My check is conducted by a Commission composed of representatives of the state labour Inspectorate, the regional Federation of trade unions and other oversight bodies. The investigative Committee of Russia organized a pre-investigation check.