Found a way to generate electricity from the human body

© Depositphotos / tolokonovЭлектрические raysFound a way to generate electricity from the human body© Depositphotos / tolokonov

Employees of the Swiss Federal laboratories for materials science and technology (Empa) provided the material with which you can extract electricity from human body, according to the website of the research Institute.

In the basis of innovative development is the piezoelectric effect, which is reflected in the appearance of stresses in the crystals undergoing deformation. Scientists from Switzerland for the first time managed to create a special elastic film composed of nanoparticles and silicone, which possesses properties of piezoelectric and bending generates electricity.

«This material can be used to extract energy from the human body. For example, it can be implanted in the chest and to the current by the heartbeat,» said one of the project managers Dorina Opris.

The researchers, however, say that the material is difficult to manufacture, and today it can be obtained only in laboratory conditions.