In Simferopol found the medieval Khan Palace Kalga-Sultan

© AP Photo / Pavel GolovkinВид to Simferopol, Crimea. Archival photoIn Simferopol found the medieval Khan Palace Kalga-Sultan© AP Photo / Pavel Golovkin

Medieval Khan’s Palace complex of the Kalga-Sultan discovered in Simferopol, the Deputy of the state Duma Committee on nationalities, Deputy of the Crimean region Ruslan Balbec.

Kalga — the title of the second largest after Khan faces in the hierarchy of the Crimean khanate. The residence, according to historians, was the Palace and mosque, which were located in the area of today’s Simferopol Park salgirka, near the hotel «Moscow». The residence belongs to the XV century the Crimean khanate.

Balbec said that if Ukraine attempted to build up this area. And only after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the academic Council of the Crimean engineering and pedagogical University studied archival documents and maps, on the basis of what the expert report, which pinpointed the location of the Palace, and its appearance in the heyday of the Crimean khanate.

«On the basis of this expert opinion was initiated by the archaeological surveys. After a few slices of land, archaeologists have found an ancient coin of the Khan’s period and came across the clutch of one of the walls of the Palace,» — said RIA Novosti Balbec.

The MP stressed that the object, which is a historic landmark for the Crimean Tatars, will be entered in the register of monuments of cultural heritage.

«Now this area is protected by law and any attempt to swing at it with the goal of building possible,» said Balbec.