The Anglican Church allowed the boys to wear heels and wear skirts

© REUTERS / Andrew WinningГенеральный Synod of the Church of England. Photos from the eventThe Anglican Church allowed the boys to wear heels and wear skirts© REUTERS / Andrew Winning

The Anglican Church has updated the rules for their schools, now their students can dress up «regardless of gender stereotypes,» reports The Guardian.

The leadership of the Church of England encourages teachers to avoid various labels, warning them of «homophobic and transphobic biofabric» statements to students. Primary and secondary school is, according to the rules, a time of «creative research» when the child can try on «many cloaks of identity».

«For example, the child can choose their own tutu, tiara and Princess heels and/or fire fighter helmet and cloak of a superhero» — said in a statement the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

The Church States that aims to prevent students in its schools and academies «had low self-esteem» because of the bullying about their «perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity.»

«We must at all costs to avoid the attention of the dignity of any person to the stereotype or issue,» emphasizes Welby.

Earlier it became known that Uritskogo teacher Joshua Sutcliffe was suspended after he called the student-transgender girl. Soon the teacher will appear before a disciplinary Committee, which will consider the issue of his dismissal.