The expert told when expensive champagne in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotomechanischer. Archival photoThe expert told when expensive champagne in Russia© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The prices for champagne and sparkling wines will grow in Russia on the eve of the New year, higher prices of these drinks is possible in 2018, primarily imported, the head of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets (tsifrra) Vadim Drobiz.

The newspaper «Izvestia» on Monday, wrote that the cost of champagne and sparkling wines for the New year will increase by 10-15%. Importers, who were interviewed by the publication, saying that it will happen due to crop failure in Europe, including in the French province of champagne.

«No reason to raise prices before the New year there. This retail wants to earn money. No one is not going to improve and nothing increased. As for Russian products: no reason to raise prices, despite the fact that most of the Russian products made from imported raw materials», — told RIA Novosti Drobiz.

«As for the imported goods: wine and champagne 2017 is made from last year’s harvest, prices did not rise. Moreover, all products that will be on Christmas tables already imported to Russia and imported at the old prices. Neither the French nor the Italians nor Spaniards don’t plan to raise prices this year. They will raise the price of the wine from this year’s harvest. But it will be next year,» — said the expert.

Earlier, the statistical office of the Ministry of agriculture of France Agreste reported that wine production in the country will be reduced to a record low because of spring frosts and rains. According to Bureau projections, the harvest of 2017 will be 17% lower than in 2016, and 16% lower than the average for the last five years. It is expected that the volume of production will be reduced from 45 million hectolitres in 2016 to 38 million hectolitres in the current.