The Fund «give life» has started to accept donations in bitcoins

© Photo : provided by the Foundation «gift of life»Mobile app of the Fund give lifeThe Fund «give life» has started to accept donations in bitcoins© Photo : provided by the Fund «give life»

Charitable Foundation «give life» has started to accept donations in three types of cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, through a partnership Fund in the United States, stated RIA Novosti Executive Director Gregory Mazmanian.

«This Fund Podari.Life in the United States. Legally it is the American Fund, which is designed to assist the charity Fund «give life». The Foundation opened the purse for receiving bitcoins, litecoin, and Ethereum. Three types of cryptocurrencies. In Russia there is no regulation, and in the United States. So much easier in the USA to accept donations in the cryptocurrency, and then, if necessary, this can be translated into dollars and donating to the child, the clinic, training of doctors — depending on the wishes of the donor,» he said Mazmanian.

According to him, such a scheme fully ensures that the legal problems with the treatment of cryptocurrencies will arise. «This way transparent, legal, does not violate» — he said.

The interviewee noted that cryptocurrencies are already taking many charities, including Greenpeace, United Way and Save the Children.

«Fund «give life» has always been a supporter of transparency and the blockchain technology allows you to track the entire history of bitcoin, it is absolutely clear story with a minimal amount of overhead, which is also important», — said Mazmanian.