The ground crew of the «spacecraft» SIRIUS «flew» to the moon’s orbit

© Photo : account SSC RF IBMP RAS in the network FacebookЧлены crew insulation SIRIUS experiment-17. Archive photoThe ground crew of the «spacecraft» SIRIUS «flew» to the moon’s orbit© Photo : account SSC RF IBMP RAS network Facebook

Members of the ground crew of the «spacecraft» SIRIUS (experiment simulating the flight to the moon) «reached the» low-lunar orbit and are already implementing the first virtual laps around the «Earth satellite», informed RIA Novosti the representative of Institute mediko-biological problems (IMBP).

«In the framework of the «detour» the crew learns to control the virtual Rover. In addition, in the near future will begin the experiment by order of NASA, during which through a virtual «window» stations you guys are watching the surface of the moon and choose the best point for «landing». This experiment will continue for three days,» — said the representative of the IBMP.

According to him, the crew has the technical ability to bring the surface of the «Earth satellite», simulating a scrutiny of the details of the terrain using the telephoto photographic equipment.

«Such a task is put in a real orbit around the moon on a space ship, so now she thoroughly worked through on the ground hardware and computer methods», — said the expert.

Earlier it was reported that the crew members have gathered and started to use the installation of virtual reality.

The Institute of biomedical problems in Moscow holds the international project SIRIUS (International Scientific Research in Unique Terrestrial Station), which simulate the conditions of a long interplanetary flight mixed crew conditions of autonomy. In 2017 the first phase of the experiment duration of 17 days. In 2018, the scheduled two experiments: four months and 14-21 days. In 2019 it is planned eight month, and in 2020-2021 years — annual experiments.

The main crew of the SIRIUS experiment included three men and three women: a member of the cosmonaut Anna Kikina, an employee of RSC «Energia» mark Serov, representative of Airbus Defence and Space’s Victor fetter, as well as employees IBMP Elena Luchitskaya, Natalia Lysova and Ilya Rukavishnikov.