A fire in a hostel in Sochi: one person was killed and over 20 injured

© RIA Novosti / of EMERCOM in Krasnodar to couperate in photobacteria a fire in a hostel in the Central district of Sochi. 14 Nov 2017A fire in a hostel in Sochi: one person was killed and over 20 injured© RIA Novosti / of EMERCOM in Krasnodar to couperate the image Bank

The hostel is lit up in the center of Sochi on Tuesday morning, 23 people were hospitalized, one died. The Governor of the Krasnodar territory has called «outrageous» that such a large number of injured in the member fire and instructed to carefully check the cause of the fire and work to extinguish. According to preliminary data, the fire could arise from-for short circuit or arson.

The fire spread to the hostel

Roof extension to a five-storey dormitory building caught fire at 9: 22 GMT on Tuesday in the Central district of Sochi in the area of about 200 square meters. Soon the fire spread to the building itself is a hostel, where rescuers evacuated 50 people.

Arrived at the scene, police have cordoned off the surrounding area and helped in the evacuation of residents, the traffic police ensured the passage of special vehicles to the place of fire extinguishing.

At 10.55 Moscow time the fire has been localized on an area of 300 square meters. At 11.05 was eliminated open burning. MOE sent to the fire mobile laboratory for monitoring the state of atmospheric air. To date, the fire was extinguished.

«The state average and heavy. Someone poisoning someone burns someone something. Adults enrolled in city hospital №4, children hospital №9» — told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Department of health administration of Sochi Dmitry Perov.

Then the number of hospitalized increased to 23.

«The victims have 23, they in the fourth city hospital. Including two children», — told RIA Novosti head of the Department of health of the city Marina Vardazaryan.

In the fire killed a woman. It is known that she was 50-55 years old, she was unable to escape from a burning building, as he was paralyzed.

«Killed a woman 50-55 years, maybe more. The mother of the head of the house Committee of this house. She was paralyzed, obese women. Were unable to the window exit or to a door», — told RIA Novosti the representative of EMERCOM in Krasnodar territory.

Arson is not excluded

According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire could be a malfunction in the electrical system or arson.

«There were no claps. Reason two: a short circuit and arson,» — told RIA Novosti source in the emergency services of the region.

According to him, now on the site of emergency works probation fire laboratory, which will establish the exact cause of the fire.

Carefully check

The Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev instructed to conduct a thorough review of the causes of fire.

«The fire service acted promptly. To date, the fire is extinguished. Now, the CHP has five ambulances, local hospitals are on high alert and will immediately take the injured to provide all necessary assistance. We understand that people are in trouble, so the municipality is tasked to create conditions so that all the fire victims and those residents whose homes will suffer in the fire, was placed in a comfortable environment and appropriate services started to restore the documents of people who lost them in the fire,» he told reporters Kondratiev.

He called «outrageous» that such a conventional fire so many people were injured, adding that there will be a thorough verification of the causes of fire and fire suppression. «Relevant instruction I have been given to the regional Ministry of emergency response», — concluded the head of the region.

Tenants will be taken care of

Evacuated in case of fire residents of a hostel is located in the school number 13, you will be given water and hot tea. «Once people define a situation, it will be decided who will go to temporary accommodation, who to relatives, who to friends», — told reporters the head of the Central district of the city Andriy Tereshchenko.

According to the head of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, the residents of the burnt dormitory will temporarily place in the sanatorium «Neva» in the Central area of the city.

«People will have a private room, meals — on as much as necessary», — said Pakhomov reporters, adding that authorities make lists of everyone who lived in the burning of the building.

He also said that temporary housing is provided by law only for homeowners, but the government will be placed in motels and those who rented a room in the hostel. The corresponding decree will soon be signed.

«For a week, two weeks, how important will accommodate all, including those who rented», — he stressed.

Will restore in two weeks

Pakhomov also said that the burning residence, according to preliminary data, can be recovered in two weeks.

«We now estimate will do. According to preliminary data, looked — rooms mostly untouched on the second floor, and the wooden riser all burnt. I think in a week or two will restore», — said Pakhomov.