Accommodation in Cambodia will not prevent registration in the elections of 2018, said Polonsky

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in fotobounce Sergei Polonsky on a press-conferences in Moscow. 14 Nov 2017Accommodation in Cambodia will not prevent registration in the elections of 2018, said Polonsky© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

Businessman Sergei Polonsky, who announced his intention to run for presidential elections in 2018, believes that his many years of living in Cambodia will not prevent registration as a candidate.

Polonsky on Tuesday conducted the first official press-conference dedicated to the presidential elections.

«I have an official opinion of the lawyers, which is written and signed… we see no obstacles,» — said Polonsky on Tuesday, commenting on the provision of the Constitution, according to which the presidential candidate must be resident in Russia for at least 10 years.

Polonsky also said that full information on the establishment of lawyers will be presented at the next press conference of the businessman, which will be held in two weeks.

The businessman announced the nomination for the post of President of the Russian Federation in the Moscow city court which considered the appeal against the decision on Amnesty in the case of fraud in the sphere of entrepreneurial activities and left the sentence unchanged.

Polonsky to the 2008 crisis were among the richest men in Russia, was founded by Mirax Group, build a skyscraper «Federation» in «Moscow-city». In may 2015 the authorities of Cambodia, where Polonsky was hiding from Russian justice, gave it to Russia. In the summer of this year the businessman was sentenced to five years in prison for the theft from co-investors «Kutuzovsky mile» and «Rublevsky Riviera» 2.6 billion rubles, however, was exempted from punishment because of lapse of time.