Festival «Fabulous Russia» will pass in Vologda

© RIA Novosti / Hans-Georg Snakelike UstyugFestival «Fabulous Russia» will pass in Vologda© RIA Novosti / Hans-Georg Sneak

. Festival «Fabulous Russia» will be held in Veliky Ustyug in Vologda region, told RIA Novosti head of the Department of culture and tourism of the region Vladimir Osipovsky.

«About 50 regions of Russia will bring to the estate of father Frost fairy-tale characters. There on the main stage will take place performance «the Secret of the Magic time» with dancing fireworks. The winter magician will light the lights on the first new year tree of the country, and start my new year trip. The celebration will be broadcast via the Internet all over the country,» said He.

According to him, in the new year the journey will be attended by all the Russian fairy-tale characters

«The basis of the journey lie the routes to the estate and residence of the magical heroes of the human settlements programme of the country, offering environmental, cultural, educational, recreational, children’s and other types of tourism. It will be interesting for Russian and foreign tourists, especially those who are on holiday with children», — said the head of the Department of culture and tourism.