In Moscow, 100 years later again put the Opera «prisoner of the Caucasus»

© Photo : Elena Lapina musical theatre named after Natalia Sats . Archive photoIn Moscow, 100 years later again put the Opera «prisoner of the Caucasus»© Photo : Elena Lapina

Opera by Cesar Cui, «prisoner of the Caucasus», returned after 100 years of slumber, will be presented in Moscow at the theater of Sats in the formulation of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and ballet theatre.

The performance’s musical Director and author of the new version of the libretto — Petersburger Vladimir Rylov, Director — Neeme Kuningas (Estonia), artist: Anna Kontek (Finland).

The return after 100 years

The «Caucasian captive» audience had not heard for over 100 years, although in pre-revolutionary Russia, it surpassed in popularity even the ballet «Swan lake» by Tchaikovsky. For performances in Europe, the Opera was translated into French.

The libretto became the works of Pushkin, Lermontov, and Tolstoy. The initial plot was borrowed Cui from the same poem by Pushkin. The Opera was conceived and written in the years 1851-58 22-year-old Cui, then still a student of the Nikolaev military engineering Academy, and decades later reworked by the composer.

Premiered at the Mariinsky theatre in 1883.

The story of Romeo and Juliet

«Cesar Cui, in his time was a very popular composer, he wrote 13 operas that were performed, but then forgot about them. There are many ways to solve this Opera epic, to make it as a clash of religions, mentalities, civilizations. I perceive this work as a touching story of Romeo and Juliet, just another time and in other circumstances,» said Kuningas on the eve of the Moscow premiere.

According to the Director, the creators of the show have a unique opportunity to re-launch the history of the interpretation of this Opera, which several generations have not seen and not heard.

The new version

Establishing process was preceded by serious research and pioneering work on the creation of a new musical version of Opera: developed by the flow of the musical development vocal and battle scenes included incendiary lezginka performed by the ballet troupe. The authors of the new edition of Sergei Bobrov and Vladimir Rylov.

It is a great spectacle employs three casts of Opera, ballet and choir of the theatre.

In the workshops was made 140 costumes: cloaks, Circassian, hats, embroidered with silver female dresses — all done in accordance with national traditions. To observe all these details helped the consultant performances artistic Director of the Chechen ensemble «Vainakh» Adnan Majidov.

The atmosphere of the Caucasus and special color to give two huge paintings made in the technique of hand painting. It is a mountain landscape painting by Franz Roubaud «Storming aul Ahulgo». Like the painting of scenery today, in the age of high technology — a rarity for the theater.