In Yakutia sit flying for critically ill children aboard the MOE

© Photo : press service of the SRTs MOE Rosshirt of EMERCOM of Russia. Archive photoIn Yakutia sit flying for critically ill children aboard the MOE© Photo : press service of SRC EMERCOM of Russia

Board of «Sukhoi Superjet 100» of EMERCOM of Russia, which flew from Moscow to the far East to evacuate three seriously ill children, will make a scheduled landing in Yakutia, told RIA Novosti the representative of Republican Department of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation.

«The plane has not yet sat down, but planning to land in Yakutsk. This is not due to bad weather, landing from a long flight, the pilots here will rest, will carry out the desired action and will fly farther,» said the source, zatrudnilisj to call boarding time and departure Board.

The representative of GU of EMERCOM of Russia on Chukotka has told RIA Novosti that the Board waits in Yakutsk cyclone, which covered the Chukotka. «Adverse forecast valid for that day, so the plane will be in Yakutsk before the end of the impact of the cyclone. While at the airport, clearing the runway», — said the source.

According EMERCOM of Russia on Chukotka, the plane flew from Moscow to 06.10 CCT (21.10 GMT on 13 November). On appeal the chief physician of Chukchi district hospital V. A. Pershin, the management of emergency situations sent the plane evacuation of three seriously ill children from Anadyr and Khabarovsk to Moscow.

In Moscow, two patients delivered to a specialized treatment at Children’s city clinical hospital №9. G. N. Speransky and one in the national medical research center of cardiovascular surgery named after A. N. After Bakulev Russian Ministry of health, where they will receive medical care.