«Incorrect assumption»: the Kremlin has reacted to the statement by the former head of the CIA

© Host photo to againstamerica in photobanks Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov. Archival photo«Incorrect assumption»: the Kremlin has reacted to the statement by the former head of the CIA© Photochemical to agentstvami the image Bank

The press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov commented on the statement by the former head of the CIA John Brennan that the President of the USA Donaldtrump may be afraid of Vladimir Putin. Peskov called «wrong» assumptions of the former Director of the American special services.

Informed Brennan in an interview with CNN said that the President of the United States or intimidated by Putin, and is concerned that he can do or he’s afraid of what will come up in the investigation about the «intervention».

After a meeting with Putin on Saturday at the APEC summit in Vietnam, the us leader noted that assumptions about «the Russian intervention» insulted the President of Russia, and it’s not good for US. He also called the story of the «Moscow’s intervention» an artificial barrier to relations between the two countries.

The reaction in Russia

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya also commented on the words of the former Director of the CIA. He believes that the statement by Brennan is a classic conducting of a special operation against Russia, including the stuffing of misinformation and mythical accusations.

The MP expressed the opinion that trump was elected ordinary Americans and seeks to act in the logic of national interests, not the nomenclature of America.

«His statements (tramp — approx. ed.) breaks not only the hostile stereotypes about Russia, but also destroys the plan of information and of the sanctions war, the oligarchic-military elite of the United States,» — said Yarovaya.

«Using the rhetoric of Mr. Brennan, you could say he plays skillfully or he is intimidated by the fact that thanks to President Trump will be known inconvenient facts, for example, that the minds of Americans for years is under the influence of the factory of lies, the Director of one of the shops where he was,» she added.

Providing pressure

Russian scientists also commenting on the statement of Brennan, agreed that the main purpose statements of the former head of American intelligence agencies was to make its own contribution to the campaign to put pressure on the President of the United States.

Dean of the school of politics and international relations of the Siberian Institute of management Sergey Kozlov expressed the view that the us leader is under strong pressure from the neoliberal globalist elites. According to the analyst, they want to discredit the President of the United States, and perhaps later on to carry out the impeachment.

«In this regard, to maintain a negative impression among the establishment, the media community good any charges, including baseless,» — said the expert.

Professor of the Academy of social administration Anatoliy Petrenko, in turn, called the words of the former Director of the CIA nonsense.

«Apparently, long-term work in the CIA influenced the level of professional deformation of consciousness is impossible,» — said the analyst.

He also noted that such a statement made, apparently, is «helplessness».

«What wedges are not driven into Russia’s relations with the United States between Putin and trump. Apparently, this is another attempt hysteroid nature, beyond the understanding of normal psychology, saying that our President is «brainwashed», — concluded the expert.

«Russian intervention»

In the United States after the presidential election in the fall of 2016 began the investigation of alleged Russian interference in the electoral process, as well as «relationships trump» with Russia. The investigation involved the FBI, and the U.S. Congress. Robert Mueller, in turn, was appointed spectaculorum investigation.

The accusations against Russia deny in the White house and the Kremlin. Russia has repeatedly stated that it does not interfere in U.S. elections, and the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov called the accusations «completely unfounded». The Russian foreign Ministry also claimed the absence of any evidence of Russian meddling in elections in the United States, France and Germany.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that Washington intervenes in foreign political Affairs around the world, but offended by Russia, which allegedly influenced their choices, but in fact for Moscow such interference does not make sense.