«Merkel must go»: Russian Germans — Germany after the election

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Filecomparator in photomontage protest against the policies of Angela Merkel in Berlin«Merkel must go»: Russian Germans — Germany after the election© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Filecomparator the image Bank

Held this fall elections to the Bundestag brought the success of the right-conservative party «Alternative for Germany» (ADH), collected about 13% of the vote. The Association, which campaigned only in the Russian language, massively supported by the voters from the former Soviet Union. Due to mandates from ADH, members of Parliament were first immigrants from the former Soviet Union — Valdemar (Vladimir) Gerdt and Anton Friesen. In the post-election period «Alternative» faced with persistently hostile attitude of the main political forces, exacerbating the long-existing situation of the Russian Germans, in contrast to the views of the Turkish Diaspora in Germany to ignore.

Unusual in the history of Germany the success of ADH (from the first attempt, the party was included in 14 of the 16 local parliaments and Federal) have not led to the integration of force, voted for the Russian Germans, in the political space. The opposite occurred: once in power, ADG has missed important points — Vice-speakerstwo and rights for the oldest member (he was a representative of the ADH) to open a session of Parliament. The protests of the disadvantaged in calculation were not accepted. «At the moment held only one meeting of the Bundestag and it was completed these two scandals, and already following will give in connection with the ADG is very much cause for discussion in the country and abroad. It is possible to say for sure», — told RIA Novosti the activist of the party, born in the Soviet Leningrad Sergey Chernov.

Further collision of ADH and the German establishment does seem inevitable, as between the new party and the other passed in the Parliament of the differences are too great. «Alternative» acts for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, the immediate resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel and investigation on admission to Germany a million Syrian refugees in 2015-2016. However, the boycott of ADH is used and on other issues where compromise seems possible.

«Among the factions of the party system there is an informal rule not to do any constructive work with the ADG, and all suggestions from her block. It comes to the fact that the parliaments of the proposal from ADG have been rejected, and after a while with the same initiative is the CDU or FDP», — told RIA Novosti the former candidate for members of the Bundestag, born in Ust-Kamenogorsk Evgeniy Schmidt, confident that we are talking about prudent public policy.

«All this was clearly visible during the election campaign, when local authorities under false pretexts refused to provide us with premises for campaign events, and party members of ADG was pressure from employers and trade unions, which even produced training materials to identify sympathizers of the party of ADH colleagues in the workplace. The radical left, receiving assistance from the state, carried out violent acts against our supporters, vandalized the property of the party, tried to disrupt events, and more,» says Schmidt.

Sergii Chernov quotes and specific examples. «Ralf Stegner, head of the social Democrats of Schleswig-Holstein and the leader of their faction in Parliament, called for the following: «it is Necessary to attack positions and personnel right-wing populists, as they are dangerous.» Then foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, urged German security services ADH how to put the party under surveillance» — lists Chernov.

The ascent on the political horizon ADG coincided with the arrival in the active political life of several generations of Russian-speaking Germans first had no social ambitions. Arrived in Germany during the reign of Chancellor Helmut Kohl expatriates on the whole was grateful to the authorities of a new homeland for the opportunity to return. The issue of defending their rights many of them did not rise. A vote for the Alliance CDU-CSU Kohl’s — and then Angela Merkel — suggesting itself.

«In fact, we ourselves have allowed themselves to be treated not the best way. In 1992, no one protested against the fact that the pension of immigrants was cut by 40%. As against the fact that the authorities have not explained to our new fellow citizens, who we are and where. Then the stereotypes of the cold war was in Vogue: for a local, we were the people who should be treated with caution, as former Soviet citizens, which the school did not say anything good. For example, mentioned the bombing, which the Soviet Union allegedly could expose Germany, says RIA Novosti activist ADH Waldemar Birkle, a native of Kazakhstan. — Took me a while to get it all passed.»

Isolated from political life, faced with economic problems, the Russian Germans watched as the gaining influence of ethnic communities formed by migrants from other countries. This applies in particular to German Turks. Despite the fact that Russian-speaking in Germany, more than the natives of Asia Minor, those incomparably greater representation in public authorities. The thought of continuing injustice has pushed many Germans from the former USSR to go into politics.

© RIA Novosti / Alexey vitvitskiy to the banks of the protesters against the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Dresden. On 21 August 2017«Merkel must go»: Russian Germans — Germany after the election© RIA Novosti / Alexey vitvitskiy to the banks of the protesters against the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Dresden. August 21, 2017

«This inequality, it was in some degree from the people themselves, was determined by the fact that the Turks were actively candidates constantly sought, but we don’t. But not only that: objectively — they are in a much better position. Help the Turkish community is having Turkey itself, and it also stimulates their descendants to go into power. We, especially in the Yeltsin era, were not wanted. Now, if Russia helped us, it was immediately accused of meddling in German elections. The Turks the Diaspora help, but of course the charges against them there,» says Birkle.
According to political activist, to the fact that the Russian Germans did not realize, led their tendency to take adversity too quiet. «The Russians and the Germans have one thing in common — we are slow to anger, and the Germans from Russia, Russian Germans, it is expressed twice. And a lot happens as a result», — concluded the interlocutor of RIA Novosti.