MOE presented to the award rescued the pilot of An-2 resident of the Amur region

© Flickr / Dmitry TerekhovСамолет An-2. Archival photoMOE presented to the award rescued the pilot of An-2 resident of the Amur region© Flickr / Dmitry Terekhov

The Amur division of the EMERCOM of Russia have presented to medals «For courage on a fire» resident of the region Sergey Kalashnikov, who saved one of the pilots crashed and caught fire An-2 aircraft.

«The main Department of EMERCOM of Russia across the Amur region Sergey Kalashnikov — mining engineer Pokrovsky mine submitted for the award of the medal of EMERCOM of Russia «For bravery on fire», — reports the Central Board.

In the Amur region on 7 November near the village of Ekimchan crashed An-2, carrying products by route Ekimchan — UDA village in Khabarovsk region. Annunciation transport Prosecutor’s office confirmed that the engine worked unstable, the plane made a hard landing, there was a fire. Burns killed the aircraft commander Sergey Koshevoy, pilot Andrei Karnaukh refused hospitalization, SK brought criminal case as regards 2 articles 263 of the criminal code — violation of safety rules of traffic, entailed on imprudence death of the person.

The main causes of the crash the consequence considers technical malfunction of the aircraft, violations in the actions of the crew and bad weather conditions. The criminal investigation continues.

Kalashnikov (36 years old) saved Karnaukh, near An-man 2 stumbled — he arrived at the airport Ekimcan to renew the tickets.

«I heard the plane took off, and went outside. The sound of plane was some kind of weird, it’s like shooting. Look – the ship is losing altitude. Understand that up to the runway he will not reach, and ran across the field. So fast I have never in my life did not run. While I was running, called my wife, I asked her to call the fire Department. Ran the cab was already on fire»,- quotes Agency the story of the Kalashnikov.

Overman said that he ran to the plane when the cabin was burned, together with Karnaukh they were trying to save Mira, but that was caught in the airplane seat belts.

«Sergei’s head on fire, then his legs. I told him frankly: «I’m Sorry, we can’t save you». I have received many calls in the day, and then. Said «thank you.» The most difficult thing was to meet and talk with the daughter of the deceased pilot,» continued the story of Kalashnikov.

MOE said that the plane fell a few dozen meters from residential buildings, one of which lives-in-law of the Kalashnikov.

Kalashnikov – old mining engineer, graduated from engineering-physical faculty of the Amur state University, worked for five years on a Gold mine, now working at the Pokrovskiy mine at University studied including industrial safety and labor protection. Sergey has two sons, three and six years.