Necessary to convene the local Council in Russia is not considered in the ROC

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in fotobanka. Archival photoNecessary to convene the local Council in Russia is not considered in the ROC© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

The basis for convening the local Council, the Supreme body of ecclesiastical authority – can be any exceptional event in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church, said Tuesday the Secretary of the Synodal Commission on the canonization of saints, the rector of the St. Tikhon Orthodox humanitarian University (pstgu), Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov, at a press conference in MIA «Russia today», dedicated to the centenary of the local Council during the October revolution.

In recent times the local Council met in January 2009 to elect a new Primate in connection with the death of Patriarch Alexy II. Some Church-related media periodically raise the question on the need to convene on different occasions the new local Council with the participation of bishops, priests and laity.

«The local Council in recent times going in critical moments, such moments is the election of a new Patriarch. In the event of demise of the Patriarch is elected new Patriarch — then going to the local Council. And during the reign of the current Patriarch going to the Episcopal councils. Due to the fact that the number of the bishops greatly increased, it makes the bishops ‘Council is very representative and authoritative», — he said, answering a question about possible prerequisites for the convening of the new local Council.

Under the current Statute of the ROC, the highest bodies of Church authority and governance are the local Council, the Council of bishops and the Holy Synod. The Synod governs the Church between bishops ‘ councils.

«Charter 2000 and the current Charter 2013 do not assume regularity in the convening of the local Council, and bishops’ councils specified three-year period,» explained the renowned Church historian, Professor of the Moscow theological Academy, Archpriest Vladislav Tsypin.

The local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church held in Moscow from August 28 (new style), 1917, to September 20, 1918. It was the first all-Russian Church Council, beginning with the eighteenth century, his most important decision was the reestablishment of the Patriarchate, marked the end of the Synodal period in the history of the Russian Church.