Peskov called the topics of the talks between Putin and Erdogan

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The leaders of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan «has spent audit of bilateral relations,» and then in the extended format, talked about Syria, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, the presidents met one-on-one for two — two and a half hours. This was followed by negotiations in expanded format, in which participated delegation.

The presidents discussed operational issues associated with the project NPP «Akkuyu,» the supply of agricultural products and trade-economic cooperation in General.

«After that continued negotiations on security issues and Syria in the composition of delegations narrower and professional composition, with the participation of the Minister of defense, chief of General staff of the Turkish side, the special representative Lavrentiev, Minister of foreign Affairs. It has been the subject talks on Syria,» — said Peskov.

Negotiations, he said, were complex, their details are not disclosed. So Sands responded to a question on recent statement of Turkish President, who called to withdraw US troops and Russia from Syria.

Putin outcome of the negotiations stressed that the dialogue was productive. He noted that the meeting with the Turkish colleague pass quickly, without bureaucracy and «excess number of quasi-diplomatic procedures».

The President announced the decision to resume the importation of a number of products from Turkey. According to him, the level of cooperation between the two countries have been restored, the volume of bilateral trade increased by 36%.

Putin confirmed that Rosatom will soon start implementation of the project NPP «Akkuyu», the first reactor is planned to start in 2023. In turn, Erdogan invited Russian President at the official ceremony of the first concrete casting on the construction of nuclear power plants.

Work Russia, Turkey and Iran as the countries-guarantors of the Astana process continues to yield results, but it is necessary to increase efforts to long-term stabilize the situation, Putin said. Erdogan stressed that the establishment of zones of de-escalation have contributed to the settlement of the Syrian crisis. He added that there were grounds for a political settlement in the region.

The parties also discussed cooperation in the defense industry and visa issues.

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