Putin has commissioned a power substation in Moscow, Samara and Kaliningrad

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin takes part in ceremony of commissioning of the substations Presnya (Moscow), Stadium (Samara), Coast (Kaliningrad) in the office of the company JSC Russian grids. 14 Nov 2017Putin has commissioned a power substation in Moscow, Samara and Kaliningrad© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the command to commissioning of substations «Presnya» (Moscow), «Stadium» (Samara), «Coastal» (Kaliningrad); launch of the completed grid infrastructure for the world Cup in 2018.

The head of state came to the company «rosseti», where in a videoconference from the situation and analytical centre contacted three new substations. The Putin team on duty operators simultaneously pressed the start button in the form of soccer balls.

Substation in Samara and Kaliningrad was built from scratch, near the football stadium, which will host matches of the world Cup. In the future, they will also serve the new residential areas of these cities. The Moscow substation «Vostochnaya» after reconstruction it is now more powerful than all the power of the city of Sochi.

On duty of situation and analytical centre reported to the President on the main indicators of work of electric networks of the Russian Federation. «The scheme of the Crimean bridge normal, stretch peninsular 530 megawatts,» — said the duty officer.

General Director of «rosseti» Mr Livinsky added that «consumption of the Crimean energy system at the moment is 589 MW of flow (is – ed.) for all four threads of the constructed bridge, the scheme normal.» «The activities prescribed to improve the reliability of supply of the Crimean Peninsula, will be completed in December this year — the connection of the substation «Rostov» – «Taman» than we will complete the complex of measures to ensure security of energy supply», — he said.

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