Quoine is ready to provide Russia with technology for the exchange of cryptocurrencies

© RIA Novosti / Ivan Zaharchenko exchange cryptocurrency Quoinex in TokyoQuoine is ready to provide Russia with technology for the exchange of cryptocurrencies© RIA Novosti / Ivan Zakharchenko

Company cryptocurrency exchange Quoine with headquarters in Japan is ready to provide technology and platform to interested partners in Russia, said in an interview with RIA Novosti CEO of Quoine, which owns cryptocurrency exchange Quoineх, Mike Kayamori.

«I would like to work with someone and in Russia, where we can also provide technology and platforms,» he said.

While the company Quoine not work in Russia, as yet not clarified the situation with the state regulation of cryptocurrencies. According to the head Quoine, government regulation is needed in industry, if cryptocurrency can be exchanged for national currencies of certain countries.

«We do not work in Russia, because we do not know, as there is with regulation. All of the unknown is a risk, explained Kamori. — Therefore, we would like to cooperate with any Russian progressive company that would be interested in cryptocurrency. But the most important is that the government was consistent, was confident, what is good and what is bad.»

According to Kamari, «the Russian government and Russian companies should simply look at Japan, using existing guidance and regulations, and then transfer them to Russia».

«Singapore is also looking at how this is done in Japan, because Japan is one step ahead,» said Kamari.

Referring to the fear that the cryptocurrency could become a source for fraud and pyramid schemes, it is recommended to buy the only cryptocurrency on the exchange, which is subject to state regulation. «If you have a lot of years and you all are happy, no need to contact digital money,» he said.

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