Russia showed to the European Parliament the truth about Syria

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotomonster at the opening of the exhibition Syria. Photo of the war in the European Parliament building in Strasbourg. 14 Nov 2017Russia showed to the European Parliament the truth about Syria© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

The Exhibition «Syria. Photo of war», which includes almost 50 works of war photographers media group «Russia today» and operators VGTRK, was opened on the 14th of November at the European Parliament in plenary session in Strasbourg, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The exhibition focuses on military conflict in Syria through the prism of destinies, destroyed by the war, shows the everyday life of military pilots at the airbase Hamim and the work of the Russian VKS in the course of the antiterrorist operation, the press service of the MIA «Russia today».

The exhibition includes works by award-winning journalists of the Agency, Valery Melnikov, Ilya Pitalev, Michael Alaeddin, Mikhail Voskresensky, and also cameramen of the crew VGTRK Igor Prikhodko and Viktor Alexander posina made in the midst of a military conflict in Syria in 2015-2016.

«It is very gratifying that this exhibition is held in the European Parliament that had such an opportunity to show the world great work, absolutely desperate brave people, which represent not only artistic value, but also confirm the historical accuracy of what happened there. It is, of course, to a fundamental rethinking of the conflict should, from my point of view, lead to the development of peace processes in the region,» said Stoll RIA Novosti during the exhibition.

«Of course, it wasn’t easy (to organize an exhibition in the European Parliament in Strasbourg – an edition), and very glad that it happened because the European Parliament should be characterized by a certain pluralism of opinions, and this is a certain step to ensure that this pluralism should lead to an understanding,» he said.

Answering the question about how was this exhibition in other European cities, Stoll said that there were many visitors, but not all understand. «But I would love to believe that after watching this show, people who understand and are sympathetic to, become will be greater, because the horrors of war are the horrors which God forbid, to survive,» he added.

The author of the work, a special photo-correspondent of MIA «Russia Today» Mikhail Voskresensky, to which the exhibition spoke to the correspondent of RIA Novosti, was several times in Syria.

«I had three business trips for about two months. Last time I was about three months – April, may, June (2017 – ed.) in early July, I returned. I think I’ll go back,» said he, adding that he was «almost in all Syrian provinces.»

His first trip took place at the beginning of the Russian military operation in Syria. Voskresensky believes that since the situation in Syria has improved. «It is difficult to talk about the housing recovery, because it requires funds, it requires building materials, which cost money. This process is costly and time consuming. But gradually, people establish their livelihoods. Industry is gradually recovering, trade. Housing is likely to recover later,» he said.

Therefore, according to him, it is too early to speak about return of the inhabitants in the country. «A very large number of people have left Syria since the beginning of the active phase of the conflict, with 2012. They are outside Syria, and while the mass return there,» he said.

Russia showed to the European Parliament the truth about Syria© RuptlyПережила all the horrors on earth, returned with the children of Syria, the wife of benicaronline in the parliamentary capital of Europe — the part of the international exhibition tour of the «Syrian Chronicles» in Russia and abroad. The start of the tour was given in Moscow at the State Duma of the Russian Federation in January 2017. In April, the exhibition presented in Bucharest, and in may in Vienna.

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