Scientists from 184 countries signed a second «Warning to humanity»

© AP Photo / John McConnico, FileОзоновый layer in the Arctic shrank to a record levelScientists from 184 countries signed a second «Warning to humanity»© AP Photo / John McConnico, File

More than 15 thousand scientists from different countries put their signatures under a second «Warning to humanity», trying to draw attention to the disastrous environmental changes, the text of the Manifesto published in the journal BioScience.

The first appeal appeared in late 1992, it was signed by over 1.7 thousand scientists, including Nobel laureates. The «Warning to humanity from scientists of the world» they said that the population of the planet has embarked on a course of confrontation with nature. The researchers were concerned by the extent of the damage that is already applied to the Land or have the potential to cause phenomena such as ozone depletion, destruction of flora and fauna of the oceans, deforestation, climate change, stated in a published journal paper.

On the 25th anniversary of the publication of this Manifesto, it was decided to re-release the warning. This time it was signed by more than 15.3 thousand scientists from 184 countries of the world. By providing relevant statistics, the researchers claim that over a quarter of a century mankind has failed to solve environmental problems, moreover, many of them becoming more serious, is specified in the manifest.

At the same time, the scientists noted in the paper some successes, particularly the reduction of ozone-depleting substances worldwide. It is, in their opinion, suggests that humanity can change the world for the better, if it acts decisively.

«Soon it will be too late to change course and get away from our disastrous trajectory of time. We need to understand how in our daily lives, and at the level of state institutions, that the Earth with all the life — this is our only home,» — is manifest.