The expert explained that Turkey took advantage of the crisis to the PACE

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The intention of the Turkish authorities to reduce the contribution of the Council of Europe — a serious blow to the organization, the Turks decided to take advantage of the crisis to the PACE and situation of the suspension of the Russian contribution, told RIA Novosti chief editor of the scientific-analytical journal «Bulletin of the European court of human rights» Yury Berestnev.

On the eve of the press Secretary Secretary General of the Council of Europe Daniel Holtgen told RIA Novosti that the European Council will deal with the intention of Ankara to reduce the contribution to the budget of the organization and plan to discuss with the Turkish side the question. «The consequences of the decision, Turkey is still unclear,» said he, adding that will «discussions with Turkey.» According to Holtgen, last week, Strasburg was visited by the Chairman of the main opposition Republican people’s party (CHP) in Turkey Kemal kılıçdaroğlu. According to Holtgen, during a press conference with the leader of the Turkish opposition Council of Europe Secretary General thorbjørn Jagland confirmed to reporters that he had received from foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu letter dated 31 October in which the Minister said that Turkey will cease to be one of the «major contributors» of the Council of Europe».

It is still unclear exactly when Turkey intends to reduce its contribution. In addition to Turkey, the main payers in the budget of the Council of Europe are the UK, Russia, Italy, Germany and France. According to RIA Novosti, in 2015, the contribution of Turkey to the Council of Europe amounted to about EUR 14 million. After the announcement of the accession to the main payers of Turkey paid about 34 million euros in 2016. Contributions of member States in the Council of Europe are calculated according to a formula based on GDP and total population. The budget of the Council of Europe in 2017 amounted to 454 586 500 Euro. The contribution of Turkey to 2017 was 33 849 161 euros.

At the end of June this year, the Russian side stated that it intends to suspend some payments to the budget of the Council of Europe for 2017, as long as the credentials of the delegation to PACE will not be restored in full. Despite the suspension of the payment of an instalment, the Russian side continues to work for the ratification of the Convention of Council of Europe documents. Russia in 2016 is not sending the required for accreditation of their delegations documents in PACE, as in 2014-2015, the Russian Parliament was deprived of voting rights at the sessions and opportunities to participate in the work of the statutory bodies of the Assembly because of the position on the Crimea. Moscow has repeatedly made proposals to resolve the crisis, including an idea to consolidate the document avoidance of imposition of sanctions against the national delegations. While the Assembly no steps in this direction not taken.

Commenting RIA Novosti the situation with the Turkish side, Berestnev stated that «the decision of the Turkish authorities to reduce the size of its contribution to the Council of Europe — a serious blow to the organization.»

He explained that «it’s not even twenty millions euros per year to Turkey, which continues the construction in Strasbourg is a huge building of its diplomatic mission is not critical of the economy and the Secretariat of the organization of «dried» the budget next year.»

In his opinion, «the pressure on the organization of the various parties continues to grow, and the contribution is the argument in conversation between members and the organization.»

«This appears to be an indication that the government had exhausted resources to convince the Secretariat and the Committee of Ministers resorted to «heavy weapons», — said the Berestnev.

«Most likely, the Turks decided to take advantage of the crisis to the PACE and situation of suspension of payment of Russian contribution to «besiege» the human rights activity of the Council of Europe», — said the expert. He believes that «it is a measure of the weakness of the position of the government — the substantive arguments they are clearly not enough.» «Turkey recently completely voluntarily took upon himself «elevated» commitment fee to show their increased importance in European policy, and now also voluntarily going to give it up, «hinting» at a possible refusal of the European vector of its policy», — he said.

The Berestnev drew attention to the fact that «while the Turks are a distraction from the problem of Azerbaijan (which they traditionally support), against which first launched the judicial procedure as a result of default of decisions of the European Court.»

«There are a number of potential «trouble spots» — the challenge of judicial reform in Poland, the complaint of the Catalans in the ECHR and others — all of this suggests that organizations need to reboot, and it is best to start with a significant adjustment of work PACE, which in recent years has become a permanent source of conflict», — said the Berestnev.

«As for the Turks, the absence of public statements from their side (information on the reduction of contribution was sent a letter Cavusoglu, Secretary General Jagland and has not been commented by the Turkish side) suggests that they leave the door for discussion (possible cancellation of this decision) is open and thus implying — «the bargain», — concluded the expert.

The expert explained that Turkey took advantage of the crisis to the PACE© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)