The expert suggested, could be saved the crew of the crashed in Norway Mi-8

© Photo : courtesy of MOE RussianAcademy continue a search operation in the area of the crash of Mi-8 helicopter from Svalbard. 3 Nov 2017The expert suggested, could be saved the crew of the crashed in Norway Mi-8© photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia

The crew and scientists aboard crashed near Spitsbergen, the Mi-8 could be saved if were dressed in wetsuits, the Chairman of the polar Commission of the Russian geographical society Viktor Boyarsky.

Helicopter Mi-8 of airline «Konvers Avia», which was carrying five crew members and three employees of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic, went missing on October 26, when followed from the preserved village of Pyramid in Barentsburg. The night of 29 October, the search was joined by more than 40 rescuers of the emergencies Ministry, the helicopter was discovered by a Norwegian vessel, two kilometers North-East of Cape Heer, October 30, 130 metres from the crash site of the helicopter was found the body of one victim. The active phase of extensive searches seven people missing in a helicopter crash, ended on 9 November, however, the search will be continued in a smaller amount reported by the website of the Governor of the archipelago.

«Safer than the Mi-8 is nothing, an extremely rare accident. Basically the human factor is present and partly weather. Here, probably, was the imposition,» said Boyarsky RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the international conference «Polar routes in the Arctic». He noted that the helicopter crew was experienced, before the landing of the helicopter was only a matter of minutes.

The famous polar Explorer drew attention to the fact that those on Board tried to leave the cab during the accident. «The only thing that can and should (do — ed)… the Flight was over water, the helicopter does not float. Need people to fly in wetsuits. If I was in costume – that’s called survival suit, they would have lasted much else. And since they were without costumes,» said Boyarsky.

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