The experts will determine passing scores for applications for presidential grants

© RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstovich the Kremlin. Archival photoThe experts will determine passing scores for applications for presidential grants© RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstova

On 14 November, the presidential grants will be a meeting of the joint expert Council, which will approve the final passing scores of applications for participation in the second contest.

After this, participants will formulate proposals to the coordinating Committee for the threshold values passing scores for projects. Thus, the draft list of winners of the competition will include all parties of the application which will overcome these thresholds.

«Now there is a preliminary idea, which limits passing scores can be on each of the grant areas, based on the quality of projects and experts. Today, the Council will first see a complete picture for all grant areas together and will be able to understand what amount of grants in the end it turns out distribute in case of selection of certain values, passing scores,» — said the Executive Director of the presidential grants Anton Dolgov.

Only the second contest was presented 9543 project, they to the expert assessment was approved 8611 projects. Was held 18.5 thousand examinations — at least two per application.

«Almost all the projects that were not included in the examination, could not participate legally. They have or have not been signed electronic copies of documents, or absent Statute or its pages, or applications owned organizations that are unable to participate under the competition rules, for example non-commercial. Only a minority of applications were withdrawn by the applicants,» said Anton Dolgov.

He also stressed that each project was assessed by at least two experts. To ensure independence of the examination and to exclude the interference of experts, one of them, as a rule, were from the region, where he was served a draft, the second is definitely from another Federal entity.

The amount of funds to be allocated in the second contest is more than 4.5 billion rubles.