Torturers in uniform: who will be responsible for the torture in the police station

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In the Tatarstan city of Nizhnekamsk three police officers accused of excess of powers of office after the death of 22-year-old Ilnaz Pirkina. A young man committed suicide because of the torture operatives. Main Department of the MIA of Russia sent the city a check. Local residents say that the beatings and violence by police officers in their hometown — are not uncommon. RIA Novosti learned how often such cases occur and why victims prefer to remain silent.

Suicide after being tortured

In late October, 22-the summer inhabitant of Nizhnekamsk Ilnaz Perkin after a long interrogation, the policemen had committed suicide. Before his death, he has recorded three video messages: the first was addressed to the other Ainur Gimadieva, the second — the girl and the parents in the third movie Ilnaz told how they had been tortured by the police.

In the last video Birkin says that the police demanded from him a confession to stealing 47 audio systems. They first beat him up in the woods, and then at the police station. On it, he said, wore a mask and couldn’t breathe: «how Long they tortured me. I’m already at the end started to cry, confess, confess».

According to human rights activists, a young man on a dare really stole the radio. But only one. Perkin and his friend opened the car, stole the radio, and then put it up for sale. The owner hacked the car, wrote a statement to the police, but later found the ad to sell your stereos on the Internet. He contacted the seller, he was a friend Pirkina — Gimadiev.

The official position

In the case of the death Percina Nizhnekamsk city court has arrested three employees of the city Ministry of internal Affairs, suspected of excess of powers of office with application of violence. November, investigators in Tatarstan opened a criminal case about excess of powers of office. The representative of SU IC of Russia in Tatarstan any details of the case to voice refused.

Meanwhile, in the case later, there were two victims: the owner of the car and his friend. According to the investigation, officials of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Nizhnekamsk area, being in the building of Ministry of internal Affairs of Nizhnekamsk, used physical violence against two young people «to force them to confessions of crimes against Percina, which they didn’t commit.»

«Now law enforcement agencies are trying to prove that the police’s relationship to this case have not. So, according to them, it made the other person — the owner of the car and his companion. His family is under pressure. He and his comrades were arrested and beaten,» says Suchkov.

Not for the first time

One of the residents of Nizhnekamsk anonymously told about that, too, was abused at the police station. «I was accused that I attacked a man, about which I know nothing. Then I got into a fight on the street, but it was no claims to me statements, no one wrote. The police decided that the victim who wrote another statement, also beat me. They had to close the business and I conveniently turned up,» says the man.

According to him, he was kept in the Department for several hours and made a confession: «I was beaten in the stomach and head. After this meeting I left a lot of bruises. No plastic bags, like the others, I was not. However, given how hard pressed me, I believe in their existence».

The police failed to obtain from the citizen recognition, and they let him go. But before that, he was forced to sign papers stating that he has no claims. «I didn’t kick, not so much, I got. But the city is often said that the police during the interrogation uses force,» he says.

In addition, a year in the Investigative Committee is a similar case of Ildar Kamaleeva. According to the lawyer Andrey Suchkov, the police «he was subjected to physical violence.» Kamalei told local media that the police beat him and tortured him, and then he had to be treated in hospital.

In Tatarstan it is not the first story, when police officers accused of torture. In March 2012, another police Department, «far», has acquired notoriety. According to investigators, employees of the Department of to death tortured detainee Sergey Nazarov. According to relatives of the men who raped him with a bottle of champagne, which led to death. After the incident, the investigation revealed several episodes of criminal activity in this Department. As victims on business passed 14 people.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka on the sleeve of the police officerTorturers in uniform: who will be responsible for the torture in the police station© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka on the sleeve of a police officer

In June 2014, the court admitted eight ex-police officers who passed on this case, guilty of abuse of office and causing of heavy harm to health. They were prescribed deprivation of liberty for a term of two to 15 years. In February 2015 the Supreme court of Tatarstan has reduced convicted prison terms from two years to several months. Criminal case concerning the former chief of the police Akhmetzyanov is allocated in separate manufacture in connection with his illness — he suffered two heart attacks. The case was resumed in may 2017, however, it is the decision of the court announced.