Tuberculosis is planned to win by 2030, said Skvortsova

© Fotolia / Kateryna_KonБактерии Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis. Archival photoTuberculosis is planned to win by 2030, said Skvortsova© Fotolia / Kateryna_Kon

Tuberculosis is to be eliminated by 2030, said health Minister Veronika Skvortsova during the all-Russian scientific-practical conference «Interdisciplinary approach in solving problems of tuberculosis», devoted to memory of academician M. I. Perelman.

The Minister in his speech explained that within two days Russian and international experts the opportunity to discuss critical issues related to tuberculosis and to develop approaches to the solution, to discuss the global outcome document of the conference.

«The adoption of our global document will constitute the basis of the political Declaration… So actually we start a serious cycle of political change in TB with the sole aim of eliminating the disease by 2030», — said Skvortsova.

In the conference take part more than 1 thousand Russian and foreign specialists and experts, representatives of international, including non-governmental organizations.