Venezuela spoke about the negotiations on debt restructuring

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskii in Caracas. Archival photoVenezuela spoke about the negotiations on debt restructuring© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskiy

Venezuelan authorities announced on Monday evening that successfully began negotiations with foreign investors on restructuring external debt of the country.

«The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela wishes to inform the world that today (Monday) in the Palace of Miraflores with complete success began the process (of talks) on the refinancing of the external debt of Venezuela,» reads the official message of the authorities.

According to the official Caracas, the meeting, which was attended by the debt holders from Venezuela, USA, Panama, UK, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Japan and Germany, were very positive and supportive.

«Even the beginning of the refinancing of our debt will confirm full readiness to fulfill all obligations and overcome with a serious, clear and open mechanisms, together with the holders of the debt difficulties, which are artificially created by people from the administration (President Donald) trump and among them the Venezuelan political allies trying to attack our economy and to deprive the tranquillity of our people,» — said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Mexican portal Financiero, citing investors notes that the first meeting between representatives of the Venezuelan government and investors on debt restructuring failed. It was attended by about a hundred investors or their representatives, but no clarity, as will be negotiating in the future, yet.

The meeting supposedly lasted only 15 minutes. «Nothing happened, it was a lost chance», — quotes Reuters the words of one of the negotiating parties. Some investors actually prefer to stay in the next room, as the meeting was attended fell under the sanctions, US Vice-President Tarek al-Aissami and Finance Minister Simon Sickle. Washington imposed the sanctions ban U.S. citizens from negotiating with the «black» list of officials.

Two more investors gave Reuters the words allegedly uttered by al-Aissami, the intention of the German Deutsche Bank to suspend in November, the number of financial services to the government of Venezuela.