In Russia, the teenagers began to smoke less and drink, said the expert

© Depositphotos / belchonockМужчина compresses a pack of cigarettes. Archival photoIn Russia, the teenagers began to smoke less and drink, said the expert© Depositphotos / belchonock

Teenagers 30-35% less steel to use alcohol and tobacco since Russia reinforced the restrictive measures on the sale, said the head of Department mediko-social problems of the fgbi «Central scientific-research Institute of organization and Informatization of health» Ministry of health, Professor Elena Skvortsova.

According to experts, the restrictions on the sale of alcohol for teenagers, the time of sale of alcohol and places of alcohol drinking in Russia as a whole have produced results.

«Up to 2010 beer was a food product produced by natural fermentation. Of course, all those regulations that apply to alcoholic beverages, they do not affect beer, and every teenager could drink plenty of beer,» said Skvortsova during the conference in the framework of the project of the Ministry of health «Healthy nation».

Now, according to experts, beer still ranks first among the drinks consumed by the teenage boys, however, use has declined.

Noticeable results

«We have reduced the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and narcotic active substances… Reducing total alcohol consumption somewhere in the 30-35 % among teenagers, this suggests that there were effective measures. Frequent alcohol consumption (once a month or more) has decreased in two times, the use of tobacco products decreased by 30-35%, » — said the expert. According to her, the prevalence of Smoking among boys is about 22 out of every 100 people, among girls — 19.

«The level of alcohol consumption among girls is 60-65%, for boys — 55%», — said Skvortsova.

Also, according to experts, the number of girls consuming alcohol, more than the number of boys.

«The depth of the impact of the legislation is broad, but not unlimited», — she said.

Bad influence

The development of the frequent use of alcohol, according to the expert, in addition to genetics contributing factors immediate environment.

«First came the age factor of the first test of alcohol than before the teenager tries alcohol, the greater the risk to the moment of graduation from school, he’ll come to the group are often users of alcohol, drugs», — said Skvortsova.

According to her, the parent also affects the children, even the feast on which there is a child, may play a role. It is also influenced by subculture, which hits a teenager.