In the OP called upon NGOs to cooperate in the elections

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The public chamber of the Russian Federation has partnered with more than 100 public regional organizations to observe the elections of the President, said on Wednesday the Deputy head of working group OP of the Russian Federation on monitoring of implementation of electoral rights of citizens Maxim Grigoriev.

OP the Russian Federation on Wednesday holds a «zero reading» the project of the Federal law «About modification in FZ «About presidential elections of the Russian Federation» on ensuring transparency of presidential elections.

«More than 100 regional public organizations, they are ready and they are working with our public houses. We believe that the number of these organizations will increase and that this law is adopted, it is the actual opportunity for civil society. We invite absolutely open public organization in this sphere, and who wants to work in this area, we invite you to cooperation. I hope this is a strong organizations that use this legislative opportunity to exercise control over civil society,» — said Grigoriev in the meeting.

The state Duma on Wednesday adopted in first reading a bill that allows members of the Public chamber to be observers at the election of the President and provides for video surveillance of the vote count.

The authors of the bill made by the head of the state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, the Chairman of the Committee on constitutional legislation and state building of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas. The relevant amendments are proposed to the law «On elections of the President of the Russian Federation».

The amendments propose to expand the list of entities that will be able to appoint their observers to election commissions during elections of the President. According to the draft law, observers will have the right to direct the Public chamber of the Russian Federation and the public chamber of the Russian Federation. Thus the public chamber of entrepreneurs will be able to nominate observers to election commissions located in the respective region.