Lavrov called the hysterical accusations against Russia from London and Madrid

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in photomontagist of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov during joint press conference in Moscow with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei. 15 Nov 2017Lavrov called the hysterical accusations against Russia from London and Madrid© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

The accusations against Russia that it interferes in the Affairs of other countries, ringing from London and Madrid, is intended to distract attention from the problems within the UK and Spain, said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

«We have become accustomed to the fact that, according to some observations, a number of our partners in Europe and overseas have nothing better to do than to blame our media, to declare their foreign agents», — he said at a press conference in Moscow.

«Probably, this is due to the fact that in the respective capitals, where such accusations are, whether it’s Madrid, whether London, as a rule, full of unresolved internal problems. And probably such a sensational roast fit suit in order to distract their voters from the inability of these internal problems to solve,» — said Lavrov.

Last week three Ministers of the Spanish government, including the foreign Minister and the defense Ministry, commented on the «Russian trace» in the Catalan crisis, arguing that a large number of messages in social networks in support of Catalan supporters of independence spread from the territory of Russia.

On Monday, Prime Minister Theresa may has strongly criticised Russia. In particular, she accused the Russian Federation in the illegal annexation of Crimea, involvement in the conflict in the Donbass, cyber-espionage and hacker attacks, as well as interference in elections in several countries. However, she said that London does not want to be in a state of permanent confrontation with Moscow and that a strong and prosperous Russia that plays by the rules, would be in the interests of the UK, Europe and the world.