Media reported about the offshore companies, Jean-Claude van Damme

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Several Belgian editions published in Wednesday’s article about offshore companies, which, according to the media, the attitude of the famous actor Jean-Claude van Damme.

Referring to the new offshore dossier, dubbed the Paradise Papers, the media reported that the mailing address relevant to the film companies — Corporation Selima, Selima Films and Films Knock – registered in the offshore Aruba, King Development Limited Scale and the Four-One Enterprises – the British virgin Islands, Sphere Private Foundation – offshore Curacao.

According to the Brussels lawyer, van Damme’s, «most» of the information released by the media, «is old and outdated.» «My client strictly complies with all laws, rules and regulations,» said the defender.

The international consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ), funded, in particular, one of the funds of George Soros, together with a number of international media published in early November, the materials on the activities of offshore companies in the world, mentioning 120 politicians, including the Prime Minister of Canada, members of the administration of Donald trump, Queen Elizabeth II, as well as Apple and Uber. Selection of materials includes approximately 13.4 million documents, including, presumably, from law firms Appleby, registered in Bermuda, and covering a period of over 50 years.