Movie premieres of the week: «Young Godard» Hazanavichus and «Justice League»

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Superhero blockbuster «justice League» with Zack Snyder, the directorial debut of Alexander Molochnikova with a bright cast of «Myths», a biographical Comedy about the life of the leader of the French new wave «Young Godard» Michel Hazanavichus and satirical «Suburbicon» George Clooney out in the Russian car this week.

Justice League

American film Director Zack Snyder, Creator of the cult films «300» and «Watchmen», first took up the history of the DC comics universe in 2013, literally beginning a rivalry between the series of films under the label of DC and Marvell. Grim aesthetics of the movie «man of steel», dedicated to becoming Superman, was continued in the massive blockbuster «Batman V Superman: dawn of justice». Well-known public heroes took on a new incarnation — so handsome Henry Cavill from «the Tudors» tried on blue and red costume of Superman, the Oscar-winning Ben Affleck donned the black Cape of Batman and the new Wonder woman is Gal gadot.

In the new «justice League» will join them in the performance of Aquaman Jason Momoa, Cyborg, who will play ray Fisher, and the fastest superhero Flash, whose role went to Ezra Miller. The story unfolds after the death of Superman — Batman, inspired by his sacrifice, gathers a team of heroes to repel a powerful enemy, who is hiding under the pseudonym of Steppenwolf. Expectations the rating on the website Rotten tomatoes reached a record 98%, the picture will be released worldwide in 3D, 2D and IMAX formats.

Premiere of «Young stage» Oscar-winning Director Michel Hazanavichus was held at the jubilee Cannes film festival, and in Russia the film was first shown at the Moscow international film festival last summer. Comedy romance tells of a living legend of French and world cinema, the man who revolutionized the language of cinema, Jean-Luc Godard. Hazanavicius, in his usual manner the Director depicts with humor and irony, focusing on the difficult period in the life of the mother when he marries a young actress, gives up everything he believed in, and interested in the youth revolutionary movement. The play was performed by French actor Louis Garrel, who for the sake of the role, each day had to start shaving my head.

An undeniable merit of the leader of the French new wave is that it has opened to world culture, not only the possibility of alternative ways of creating the film, but also a new space of language and thought. Revolutionary installation techniques, the soundtrack, the narration, game with existing characters and genres that appeal to the viewer directly, called breaking «the fourth wall», allowed the movie to engage in dialogue with philosophy, art and human life on a qualitatively new level and gave Godard the eternal glory of the innovator and discoverer. However, the «Young Hollywood» has not been at least partly to get closer to the glory of his character: on the website Rotten Tomatoes foreign critics praised the picture is only a 5.5 out of 10.

Famous Hollywood actor George Clooney presented his seventh directorial work titled «Suburbicon» at the Venice film festival this year. The script of black Comedy was written by master of this genre the Coen brothers, who have long made up with Clooney, the successful creative tandem — so, a year ago, Oscar-winning performer has played a major role in the film «hail Caesar!». Action «Suburbicon» takes place in a small American town Suburbicon 1950-ies, the rest of the people who broke the moving black families Meyerson. The peaceful existence of their neighbors, the characters played by Julianne Moore and Matt Damon, also is threatened when an unknown barge in to their house in the night and poison all the residents of chloroform. According to the Director, the plot is based on the story of real family who lived in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

«I grew up in the South in the 60-70-ies, when there was a struggle for civil rights. Segregation disappeared. We thought that these issues are gone – but no. They occur every few years. And we understand that we still have much to do to get rid of the sin of slavery and racism,» said Clooney at a press conference in Venice. However, foreign critics are unable to appreciate the humor or message of this painting — it rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes is only 4.8 points out of 10.

© Black Bear Pictures (2017)scene from the movie «Suburbicon»Movie premieres of the week: «Young Godard» Hazanavichus and «Justice League»© Black Bear Pictures (2017)scene from the movie «Suburbicon»