Pleading on euthanasia need receives the necessary treatment, authorities said

© Fotolia / Kapusta hospital bed. archival photoPleading on euthanasia need receives the necessary treatment, authorities said© Fotolia / xy

Pleading euthanasia a resident of Voronezh, which is due to a rare disease experiences pain at the slightest movement, receives all the necessary treatment, but to help him to escape from life physicians, told RIA Novosti the regional Department of health.

At the end of October in Voronezh, the Ministry of local resident Sergei Sokolinski, who has several years of suffering from a rare disease. All the body of 57-year-old man covered with ulcers and erosions, any touch causes him great pain. The man gets out of bed and through the media pleads with the doctors on euthanasia. The story caused a great public outcry.

As told RIA Novosti the patient’s son Anton, his father was treated in different clinics, but the doctors can not do anything, and the patient’s condition deteriorates. Pain killers that worked before, now almost ceased to operate, and to acquire stronger drugs impossible, because physicians refuse to prescribe the right prescription.

In the regional Department of health in response to the request of the Agency said that the patient «is under the supervision of medical professionals and provided with the necessary painkillers». And euthanasia, he reminded the office, in Russia is prohibited.

Authorities confirmed that to get potent painkillers and drugs in need of medical indications and the prescription of the attending physician, and said that now constitute the register of patients in need of narcotic drugs. But why in such a register does not fall Sokolinski, they do not explain.