Portal Superjob has published position, «President of Russia»

© RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstovich the Kremlin. Archival photoPortal Superjob has published position, «President of Russia»© RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstova

The portal Superjob ahead of elections in 2018 posted vacancy, «the President of the Russian Federation». The candidate will be recruited on the results of the General elections by representatives of the employer — the people of Russia.

Among the requirements States that the applicant must be more than 35 years, and gender and education do not matter, experience in the position of President is not required. The candidate should possess qualities such as active vital position and patriotism.

In addition, the applicant mandatory Russian citizenship, a proven track record of permanent residence in Russia for at least 10 years, no criminal record as a plus. Mandatory possession of at least one European language. Additional knowledge of at least one programming language is a strategic advantage. The candidate should be ready for regular business trips.

The duties of the «employee» include the signing of Federal laws, international treaties, pardon, negotiations on military cooperation, the purpose of elections to the State Duma, and so on.

If elected by the employer include: a private plane, the state apartment, a state dacha, at public expense (medical care, food, transport, sport, education, leisure) for the President and members of his family. In addition, the successful candidate will have a personal office with a view of the Kremlin (inside), travel from place of residence to the place of work without traffic jams.

The salary is «white» is constantly revised, the design for TC.

Conditions of retirement are discussed individually with the successful candidate, noted on the website.

The company Superjob said that the location of the jobs of the President before the elections has become a tradition.

«It’s a tradition. Superjob — the place where millions of people find work. Read the requirements, compare the offers, assess their strength. We want to remind you that being President is a job, too. Complex, requiring more knowledge, skills and certain personal qualities. But first of all — is work. Which, however, is not on the resume and after the interview, appoint, elect. Millions of Russians can elect or be elected», — said RIA Novosti publishing jobs PR-Director of Superjob Ivan Kuznetsov.