Roskomnadzor can enable to check the relationship between the owners of Russian media

© Fotolia / mitrijaГазеты. Archival photoRoskomnadzor can enable to check the relationship between the owners of Russian media© Fotolia / mitrija

The Ministry of communications and mass communications proposes to allow Roskomnadzor access to Federal state information system «Unified register of records of civil status» (FGIS «usr Registrar») to control the observance of the law on mass media.

The corresponding project was developed in cooperation with Roskomnadzor, published on the Federal portal of draft regulations.

«The draft Federal law on introducing amendments to the Federal law of November 15, 1997 № 143-FZ «About acts of civil status» in the inclusion of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications on the list of Federal Executive bodies that have access to the FGIS «usr ZAGS», — stated in the explanatory note to the draft.

The bill was prepared to implement provisions of the Federal law from July 29, 2017 No. 239-FZ «On amending the Russian Federation Law «On mass media» coming into force on 1 January 2018.

The authors emphasize that the law allowed the establishment of foreign citizens, persons without citizenship, citizens of the Russian Federation possessing the nationality of another state, any form of control over the founder, editorial office or organization, for broadcasting.

«As an indirect control can be considered including the relationships. So, according to subparagraph 11 of paragraph 2 of article 105.1 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation, the formal criterion of monitoring and control may be the presence of relationship between an individual and his spouse (wife), parents (including adoptive parents), children (including adopted), full and half brothers and sisters, guardians (custodians) and their wards,» — said in the explanatory note.

Thus, the proposed changes will give the Roscomnadzor access to data, including the relatives of media owners.

The changes can come into force on 1 January 2018.