Russian archaeologists have found a new mummy and a sarcophagus in Egypt

© Ministry of Antiquities of EgyptМумия found by Russian scientists in the FayumRussian archaeologists have found a new mummy and a sarcophagus in Egypt© Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt

Archaeologists from the Institute of Oriental studies and their Egyptian colleagues discovered in a Coptic monastery Deir El-Banat in the Fayum oasis, ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and a mummy, buried during the reign of the Hellenes, reports the press service of the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt.

«The mummy is in good condition, and it is the linen burial shroud was not damaged. Her head is a mask of pressed papyrus, covered with gold leaf and blue paint, which depicts the sky God of Khabr, and the breast of the mummy is decorated with the figure of the goddess ISIS,» said Mustafa Vaziri, head of the Supreme Council of Egypt on Affairs of antiquities.

Russian archaeological mission carrying out excavations in several parts of Egypt, the ancient capital of Memphis, in the seaside of Alexandria, on the South of the country in the suburbs of Luxor. But the real luck was brought unexplored by archaeologists in the oasis of El-Fayum, a hundred kilometers South of the Egyptian capital.

This area in ancient times was considered the breadbasket not only of Egypt, but Ancient Greece and Rome — the crop is harvested twice a year. The pharaohs of the 12th dynasty and even moved the capital closer to the oasis when the rest of the territory of Egypt covered the severe drought. The highlight of El-Fayum is a freshwater lake Karun, which, according to the researchers, during the time of the pharaohs, was much deeper and allowed us to create a whole system of irrigation.

A further examination of the mummy will help to clarify the date of her burial, presumably trapped under the earth during the dominion of the descendants of the Hellenic conquerors of Egypt, and uncover the other mysteries of her life and burial.