The expert appreciated the comfort of the railway bypassing Ukraine

© Fotolia / Parallel_dreamЖелезнодорожная station. Archival photoThe expert appreciated the comfort of the railway bypassing Ukraine© Fotolia / Parallel_dream

Running of passenger trains of the Russian railway bypassing Ukraine would be safer and more comfortable for passengers, said General Director Institute of natural monopolies research (IPEM) Yuri Sahakyan

The Railways on Wednesday run by the railway bypassing Ukraine, freight movement, which started in September this year, the first passenger train. Double-track electrified line began to build after the deterioration of relations with Ukraine in 2014. Construction work was completed in August.

«Passenger traffic on the new line zhuravka-Millerovo will definitely be safer and more comfortable for passengers», — said Sahakyan RIA Novosti.

First, he explained, significantly reduced the risk of stoppage of trains that could entail a delay in the route. Second, the complicated relations with Ukraine remain, therefore, in such circumstances passengers will be more comfortable to travel without crossing borders.

«Also, new lines are always built with the use of new technologies, so even in a small area, but the travel comfort will increase,» he added.

The cost of building the railroad zhuravka-Millerovo to bypass Ukraine was estimated at about $ 56 billion. Before the Russian trains following to South of Russia, was a small area on the territory of Ukraine. New Railways with a length of 137 kilometers passes via the territory of Russia (in the Voronezh and Rostov regions), which will increase the infrastructure capacity to ensure transport security of freight and passenger traffic.