The experts assessed the prospects for the widespread emergence of national cryptocurrencies

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria coin cryptocurrency bitcoin. Archival photoThe experts assessed the prospects for the widespread emergence of national cryptocurrencies© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Cryptocurrency ten years are commonly used as means of payment in different countries around the world will be the national cryptocurrency, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts.

In October, Eugene Kaspersky stated that crypto-currencies will work well in one world, but the world is not yet ready for them. He predicts that in 300 years cryptocurrencies will be «absolutely stunning.»

Analysts believe that to predict what will happen in 300 years with cryptocurrencies and related new market, it is impossible. The experts are sure that in 10 years cryptocurrency will not disappear, but rather become a new integral part of the global financial market.

The near future

According to experts, technological progress continues, the world is constantly changing, and these changes relate to cryptocurrency. This development is observed today, they say.

«I believe that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are of great value right now, today. We don’t have to wait 300 years. We must strive for a world where anyone, anywhere, if you want, you will be able to buy and sell crypto-currencies,» — said co-founder and head of the cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes (Arthur Hayes).

«The only thing I am sure that in 300 years I’ll be dead,» said technical analyst resource Brave New Coin Josh Olszewicz (Josh Olszewicz).

As noted by columnist-economist Maxim blant, the position of the virus «strange». «The essence and meaning exactly that the rules are simple, unchanging, the same for everyone and is not subject to nichemu influence. This is significant now and is not so significant in the hypothetical «one world». which is not live nor Kaspersky nor any of our contemporaries», he said.

«Today the money is radically different from what they were called 15 years ago. I’m so old that I remember when plastic cards and payment systems were a rarity. Remember the days when there was no Internet. For us today to imagine the lives of Russians without them is difficult. Last time is very fast…. Now bitcoin, not to mention most emerging late altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies, formed as a result of the fork — change rules of carrying out transactions within the network — ed.), is not confined to the exercise of functions inherent to the currency. Therefore, to talk about the future of cryptocurrencies makes sense in the context of discussions about the transformation of the money themselves. About it the whole book you can write,» — said the expert.

The Director of the center for economic research of the University «synergy» Andrey Koptelov pointed out that 300 years ago nobody could have predicted technologies that are now actively used. «The rate of penetration of new technology in our lives is growing every year, and every new piece of technology becomes popular faster than the previous one, and that is why you can ensure that cryptocurrencies will be a stunning thing in this century,» he said.

The expert believes that in 10 years cryptocurrency will survive many UPS and downs. «It is possible that the place bitcoin will employ other financial instruments, and ordinary investors will lose their investment. But it’s safe to say that based on the blockchain for these 10 years there will be many more decisions that will gradually change our lives,» he said. Koptelov added that for 300 years the concept of cryptocurrency will change

«Cryptocurrencies will become a totally new tool for the most advanced users among which, of course, the developers, programmers, mathematicians, global business. We are now in the form of bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies see the birth of a completely new market that will create new goods and services sold only for cryptocurrencies,» he shared his assumption of the founder of the portal DeCenter Evgeny Gordeev.

«In 5-10 years, we’ll probably use the crypto mainstream to pay for everything. Means of payment can be bitcoin, and government digital currency. People overestimate what will happen in the next two years and underestimate what will happen in 10 years. I think in 10 years we will see all over national cryptocurrency — they are easier to track,» said Olszewicz.

«In today’s reality it is difficult to predict what will the world of cryptocurrencies through the year. 10 years even more difficult to make informed predictions. We can deal with the widespread use of cryptocurrency and change the current financial and government institutions, and with complete disregard for this idea. But the latter is very unlikely, because the vector is specified and the leading economies of the world are seriously working on this market…. With the speed of changes in our life that we have now, we will certainly have a brand new payment instruments (after 300 years — ed.)», — says the founder and head of rating Agency ICOrating Alexander kamshalov.

Russia has something to strive for

A number of countries have opened their markets to cryptocurrencies and digital tools based on blockchain technology. The most popular cryptocurrency in the world is bitcoin. However, the Russian authorities are wary of this issue. Central Bank repeatedly stated that it was premature admission to trading of cryptocurrencies in Russia and warned about the high risks of their use.

«Many countries, including Russia, restrict movement of capital, a fixed or controlled exchange rate of their national currencies. Cryptocurrencies have a transboundary character. They are destroying the monopoly of States on the money, and in this sense ahead of time. Now fully recognize and jump on them, abandoning strong national currency, no one is ready. Go to bitcoin — it’s like that go for foreign currency. The establishment of a private Central issued electronic currency is not only possible, but becoming more attractive to countries», — believes the expert of the portal Cryptolife Mansur Guseynov.

«The key issue in the financial sector is the credibility of the currency, and the convenience of payments. Once crypto-currencies will survive all the «growing pains» and will be released on a straight-line development without financial bubbles and high volatility, the Russians will start to use them in everyday life on an equal basis with the ruble and other currencies. Despite legislative restrictions, there are areas of life where calculations cryptocurrency will be commonplace in this decade, regardless of, endorses this state or not,» said Koptelov.

«It’s hard to predict the timing of when cryptocurrencies will be familiar to most Russians, most likely 20 years would be enough, unless, of course, cryptocurrencies are permitted by the state, as well as providing technological solutions, allowing them to use any person» — suggested the expert.

The experts assessed the prospects for the widespread emergence of national cryptocurrencies© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotobounce sees no prospects for creating cryptolabs»a Small portion of the Russian population is already in contact with the world of cryptocurrencies, mainly to invest in the currency or projects, conducting ICO (public offering tokens). If to speak about the widespread use of cryptocurrency, it is difficult to give the time predictions. A lot depends on the joint efforts of the state and many stakeholder organizations,» said Kamilov.

«The Russians are already familiar with cryptocurrencies. Russian — one of the best programmers in the world. They are definitely familiar with bitcoin. If our society does not regress technologically, we will continue to be more interconnected with the Internet or similar networks, cryptocurrencies will become ubiquitous,» said Mr Hayes.

Senior analyst «Alpari» Roman Tkachuk made a similar Outlook on the cryptocurrency, saying that the popularity of bitcoin will continue after 300 years as a «cryptocurrency». However, he warned that paper money will not be wasted. «There will always be a category of citizens who are cautious about all innovations (whether it be cards, cryptocurrencies or something) — they are more familiar and safer to use paper money», — he explained his point of view.