The head of the Kemerovo region will continue to help the hermit Agafya Lykova

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Korobeynikova in photobacteria recluse Agafya Lykova. Archival photoThe head of the Kemerovo region will continue to help the hermit Agafya Lykova© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Korobeinikova to the photobank

The Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev will continue to provide assistance to the taiga recluse-the old believer Agafya Lykova, despite the fact that her household is located on the territory of the Republic, and will continue to respond to her request, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday the press service of the regional administration.

The head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin in the «straight line» said on Tuesday that forbade aircraft to land on the reserve, where he lives Agafya Lykov, since it violates the law, and also admitted that he is not a fan of it.

«Aman Tuleyev and the Agatha Karpovna back a long way. They met 20 years ago and never ceased to speak: several times a year, Lykov transmits a message to the Governor through the head of Tashtagol district Vladimir Makuta, who attends her during overflights of Shor taiga. We provide the system you are using: not only products and Goodies, but no time came the volunteers who helped on the farm, the hunters were protecting her house and farm from the bears. You can’t ban friends», — said the Agency interlocutor.

The administration of Kuzbass also noted that in January 2016 Tuleyev personally conducted Lykovo home, in new settlement, after discharge from Tashtagolsky hospital, where she is on his orders, was examined and treatment.

«If the authorities of Khakassia have provided systematic assistance to respond to problems and rare requests Agafia Lykova, the Kuzbass would not need to intervene» — said the press service.

Agafya Lykova is the only surviving representative of the family conservatives have been found by geologists in 1978 in the Western Sayan mountains. The Lykov family lived in isolation since 1937, many years hermits tried to protect the family from the influence of the external environment, especially in relation to faith. When discovered by geologists in the taiga inhabitants were five: head of the family, Karp Lykov, the sons Savvin (45), Dimitri (age 36) and daughter Natalia (age 42), Agafya (34). In 1981, one after another, died, three of the children Savvin, Dmitry and Natalia, and in 1988 passed away father Lykov. Currently Agafya Lykova lives in the forest alone.