The Ministry of Finance of Russia expects a major correction of the exchange rate of bitcoin

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria coin cryptocurrency bitcoin. Archival photoThe Ministry of Finance of Russia expects a major correction of the exchange rate of bitcoin© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Investing in bitcoins is becoming more risky in nature, taking into account fluctuations in the market should expect a major correction rate, the population may lose a lot of money, said Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Sergey Moiseev.

«Of course, I believe that all these investments (in bitkine — ed.) are becoming increasingly risky in nature. Given the fact that the rate struck for 7 thousand (dollars — ed.), I certainly expect that there will be a major correction of course, and people will lose a lot of money invested in bitcoin. Maybe I’m wrong,» said Moses in an interview with TV channel «Russia 24».

«I would like to see a decline of interest in the cryptocurrency simple, simple in the sense of those that are issued for emission. Bitcoin to the classic example,» added the Deputy Minister.

The current growth rate of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the fall Classic Bitcoin associated with the correction. Last weekend course of classical bitcoin decreased by 10%, and the total drop in less than a week was 25% (last Friday of the course exceeds $ 7,500). So, on the eve of the rate of BTC has dropped to $ 5637, for the first time since October 29, dropping below the psychological mark of 6 thousand dollars. Formed during the separation of bitcoin is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash increased in price from Friday to 40%, and on Sunday evening the price of BCH was at around $ 2,426.

Market participants explained the volatility of the representatives of Bitcoin Classic about the imminent termination of the project, in particular, they urged users to switch to Bitcoin Cash. In addition, the impact on auction continues to provide deferral of changes to the network of bitcoin. Last week in the system of bitcoin was going to happen update Protocol (SegWit2x), which would change some of the rules. However, in anticipation of this event the number of entrants and the market in General drew attention to problems in network performance after the upgrade, and it was delayed.