The Pentagon will pay for a soldier sex change operation, media reported

CC BY 2.0 / Arlington County / Pentacostal of the Ministry of defense. Archival photoThe Pentagon will pay for a soldier sex change operation, media reportedCC BY 2.0 / Arlington County / the Pentagon

The Ministry of defense for the first time will pay for the current soldier of the American army a sex-change operation, reports NBC.

«This afternoon, the current soldier had an operation for a sex change. Military hospitals do not have the surgical expertise to carry out such operations, so it was held in a private clinic,» reads the statement of the Pentagon, which leads the TV channel.

The statement noted that earlier, the military began to undergo procedures to change sex, so «doctor deemed the surgery medically necessary, and the head of the Department of health of the Ministry of Defense approved alternative program funding».

The decision to lift the ban on service in the U.S. army transgender people was made under the administration of Barack Obama, but its implementation was deferred until 1 July 2017. The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis of July 1, approved a six-month postponement of the abolition of the ban. A decision on this issue was postponed until 1 January. According to various estimates, in the U.S. army serve from 1.3 thousand to six thousand transgender people.