The Pope gave the Lamborghini

© AP Photo / L’osservatore Romano/PoolПапа Roman Francis and Lamborghini given to him by the manufacturer. 15 Nov 2017The Pope gave the Lamborghini© AP Photo / L’osservatore Romano/Pool

Italian carmaker Lamborghini has donated to Pope Francis a unique instance of a sports car model Huracan, which is expected to sell at auction in order to give the proceeds to charity.

Wednesday morning in the Vatican the Pontiff received from the leadership of Lamborghini white car, named in honor of the wind God of the ancient Maya, and signed in marker on his hood.

Later, the Italian supercar will be sold at auction auction house Sotheby’s, and the entire proceeds from the sale will be transferred to the personal order of Pope Francis to charity. However, the head of the Roman Catholic Church already pre-ordered on how to use these tools.

According to the print service of the Holy see, the money will be transferred to the implementation of three projects. The first of them, called «help for a suffering Church» is associated with the reconstruction of houses and public buildings of the Iraqi Christians living in the district of Nineveh, where in 2014 hosted the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state*». The idea is to create conditions for the return of escaped from the area of Christians in their homes.

The second project is called «House of the Pope» and provides support to the Catholic Community of Pope John XXIII, which helps women who are victims of trafficking and former prostitutes. Part of the proceeds from the sale of a unique car will also be forwarded to the two Italian charities involved in humanitarian assistance projects to assist women and children in Africa.

Model Lamborghini Huracan was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March 2014. The price of this car in a base complete set is about 200 thousand dollars, but the Pope was given a unique instance of a special configuration.

*Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization