U.S. markets closed in the red

© AP Photo / Richard DrewФинансовый specialist stock exchange during operation. Archival photoU.S. markets closed in the red© AP Photo / Richard Drew

Indexes major us stock exchanges declined amid fears of investors about the prospects for tax reform in the United States, according to the auction.

Dow Jones industrial average fell by 0.13% to 23409,47 points, the index of wide market S&P 500 by 0.23% to 2578,87 points, the index of high-tech companies NASDAQ — 0.29%, to 6737,87 points.

Last week, Senate Finance Committee the country presented its plan for tax reform that differ from the proposals of the house of representatives on a number of key issues. According to the plan, including, to postpone the reduction in the rate of taxation on corporate profits to 20% from the current 35% to 2019.

«It’s like a dance – two steps forward, one step back, and I just think that now we see this step back,» — commented on the situation in the markets the Agency MarketWatch Krista Huff (Crista Huff), senior analyst at Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor.

On Tuesday in Frankfurt is the meeting of heads of world Central banks, organized by the European Central Bank and dedicated communication controllers, and their interaction with the media. In a speech at the conference, fed Chairman Janet Yellen stated that the current position of the fed about its future monetary policy is appropriate, however, first need to focus on the current economic indicators and adapt to them.

The head FRB Chicago Charles Evans at the same event called for a new approach to setting interest rates by the fed, which would allow the us Central Bank to react to economic shocks in cases where the change in rates is not enough.