A resident of the USA two times per day hit the jackpot in the lottery

© AP Photo / Brynn AndersonМужчина buys a lottery ticket. Archival photo.A resident of the USA two times per day hit the jackpot in the lottery© AP Photo / Brynn Anderson

A resident of North Carolina Michelle Schaffler the day I bought two lottery tickets, which earned her over a million dollars in winnings, according to local newspaper The Charlotte Observer.

The first ticket husband Schaffler purchased in the store at the gas station. «We typically do not participate in the lottery, but it turned out that my husband was in the pocket of a small sum, and he decided to buy a ticket,» said the woman.

She erased a protective layer from the ticket and found that the prize was ten thousand dollars. Schaffler admitted that at first they could not believe their eyes, but in the evening she decided to try luck again. For the second lottery ticket the woman and her husband went to another store. Couples lucky again: this time they won a million dollars.

A similar incident occurred in the same North Carolina just three weeks ago. Then a woman named Kimberly Morris one day won the first ten thousand, then a million dollars in the lottery Diamond Dazzler.