Dmitriy received 13 years for the creation of a gang and an attack on the collector

© Depositphotos / cunaplusТюремная cameraDmitriy received 13 years for the creation of a gang and an attack on the collector© Depositphotos / cunaplus

The leader of the gang who attacked the collector in the Voronezh region and took almost 5.5 million rubles, received 13 years in a strict regime, said on Thursday the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The Voronezh regional court announced on 16 November, the sentence 42-year-old local resident. He is accused of creating an armed criminal group and lead it, robbery, attempted theft with illegal penetration in dwelling, illegal possession of state registration mark of a vehicle and illegal possession and carrying of weapons by an organized group. According to prosecutors, in August 2015, the defendant invited the two friends to create a gang to attack citizens and organizations.

«The composition was created and led groups, the organizer has committed the following crimes. In August 2015, TRK city-Park «Grad» with the purpose of misappropriation of funds in the amount of almost 5.5 million rubles, he attacked the driver-collector CB «Admiralty» with a pistol design Tokarev (TT)», — stated in the message.

In April 2016 at the post office, located in the Khokholsky district, a mob attacked the postman «with the purpose of misappropriation of funds in the amount of 2.1 million rubles.» The postman suffered minor injuries, but was able to fire in the direction of the attackers from the service pistol, after which the criminals fled by car. Police received a description, soon found a similar car and began pursuit. During the arrest of the attackers inspectors of traffic police have used the weapons. Eventually the car stopped and he ran out of three people. The leader of the gang was arrested, the second participant died from a gunshot wound and the third escaped and is wanted.

According to prosecutors, on account of the gang also theft of a license plate from the vehicle and attempted burglary.

«The verdict of the court dated November 16, 2017 appointed guilty punishment in the form of 13 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of strict regime and the restriction of freedom after release for 1.5 years», — said the Prosecutor.

The court also has satisfied claims of victims about collecting of the caused material damage: one in the amount taken in nearly $ 5.5 million rubles, the second claim — the driver damaged by fire at city-Park «Grad» of the car, in the amount of 52 thousand rubles.