ExoMars can get the compact soil analyzer new generation

© Photo : ESA/ExoMars David DucrosМиссия. Archive photoExoMars can get the compact soil analyzer new generation© Photo : ESA/David Ducros

ExoMars mission 2020 can receive the new compact and lightweight analyzer soil, said associate Professor of astrophysics and stellar astronomy Moscow state University Sergey Potanin.

«The main result of this work is to design and build the prototype spectropolarimeter for the study of rocks. It is proposed to use such a device in the research program of the planet Mars (ExoMars mission)», — quotes its words a press-University service.

The spectropolarimeter (device for the study of the plane of polarization of minerals – how different breeds affect the passage of light) was created by scientists of Moscow state University in the international collaboration.

Reduce the size and weight of the device was achieved through the use of new optical circuit – the device will be simultaneously shooting two images in two perpendicular planes of polarization.

As the press service of the Moscow state University, a new polarimeter has been tested on the gypsum and kaolinite – minerals, other better mimic the surface of the moon and Mars.

ECOMAG («ExoMars») — the first in the history of cooperation between the European Union and Russia, the project to search for life on Mars. The first phase of the mission consisted of a European orbital module TGO with two Russian scientific instruments and crashed the lander Schiaparelli («list»).

ExoMars-2020 — the second stage of the ExoMars mission. It will consist of a landing platform and a European Rover. On the platform will be installed in 11 Russian and two European instrument. The equipment of the Rover will include seven European and two Russian instrument. The arrival of the ligament apparatus to the red planet sometime in March 2021.