Golodets: the political situation in the world is reflected in the sphere of culture in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate in fotomontaggi Golodets. Archival photoGolodets: the political situation in the world is reflected in the sphere of culture in Russia© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate the image Bank

The unfavorable political situation in the world space does not affect the cultural ties between countries, because in this area there is an excellent understanding; international cultural forum, which opened Thursday in St. Petersburg, allows these relationships to establish and maintain, according to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets.

«The forum allows such links to establish, maintain and agree on absolutely complicated issues. We know that the political situation in the world, to put it mildly favorable, but we don’t feel it. Exhibitions include works from museums around the world, who very seldom travel outside their countries,» — said Golodets in the broadcast channel «Russia 24».

«The fact that we have a great mutual understanding and contacts, suggests that cultural ties are the basis of human development of civilization,» she said.

International cultural forum opens in St. Petersburg for the sixth time this year it has registered 34 thousand participants. For three days the forum will host about 200 events, including exhibitions, concerts, performances, panel discussions and more.

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