In Khabarovsk hospitals are ready to take the survivors in a plane crash the girl

© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate in photobacteria aircraft L-410 in the Khabarovsk territory. Archival photoIn Khabarovsk hospitals are ready to take the survivors in a plane crash the girl© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate the image Bank

Children’s hospital name of Piotrovicha, as well as the second regional clinical hospital in Khabarovsk is ready to receive the girl who survived the plane crash in the village of Nelkan in Khabarovsk region, told RIA Novosti, the heads of these medical institutions.

The girl that survived on Thursday will be delivered by plane EMERCOM of Nelkan in Khabarovsk.

«Children’s hospital name of Piotrovicha prepared for the reception of girls, but still defines the leading pathology. If it neurosurgery, it is the second hospital if traumatology, surgery, orthopedics – it is to us. And our team now accompanies the child and takes from there», — said the head physician of children’s regional hospital Ivan Goncharov.

He noted that upon arrival in Khabarovsk the girl examined in the second regional hospital. «There will do an MRI, the neurosurgeons will assess the situation regarding traumatic brain injury. If everything is normal, it is transferred to us. There will be a treat a fracture,» said Goncharov.

As reported by RIA Novosti the chief of the second regional hospital Natalia Garaeva, they are also ready to receive the baby.

«We are always ready to receive patients, because our hospital is traumacenter the first level. Have all the necessary equipment, qualified doctors. So we are ready to take the surviving girl and to take all necessary measures,» — said Garayev.

EN route Khabarovsk — Nelkan the L-410 aircraft belonging to the Federal state unitary enterprise «Khabarovsk airlines» on the morning of November 15 when the landing crashed. On Board were two pilots and five passengers. Six people were killed, survived the girl of 3.5 years.